8 Reasons to Move to Raleigh North Carolina

Raleigh NC is a Great Place to Live and below are 8 Reasons to Move to Raleigh North Carolina. The city has received many national accolades on reasons Raleigh is a great city to call home.

Raleigh Relocation

1. Best Cities in 2020 to Move to Raleigh

Raleigh NC continues to grow with many technology focused companies making the Research Triangle Park their home. Downtown Raleigh has seen new hotels, skyscrapers and $1 billion in construction bringing new restaurants and businesses to the area. The updates to the downtown area and many activities makes Raleigh NC one of the best cities in the U.S.

2.  Top 10 City to Work from Home in 2020

Raleigh North Carolina has a little less than 9% of employees already working from home. This ranks Raleigh as the 9th highest state with workers who do not commute.  During the pandemic, this number increased dramatically. With a lot of IT based company’s in the area, the trend to work from home may increase. So if you are employed by a company who does not require you to live in a certain home to work a move to Raleigh North Carolina might be a great opportunity for you.

3.  Twelfth in 2020 As “Most Livable” for Technology Jobs in North Carolina

Raleigh was ranked 12th among 42 cities in a Zillow study for affordability, job growth, commute times, broadband speed and workforce education and skills.

4. One of the Most Recession Resistant Cities

Cary NC was ranked 8th and Raleigh NC 9th in a Smart Assets study based on employment and housing and home costs as a percentage of income. With Research Triangle Park and highly ranked universities, Raleigh’s employment is more recession proof.

5. Ranked One of the Most Pet-Friendly Cities.

Raleigh North Carolina ranked 25th on WalletHub’s study on pet-friendly cities. The study compared the rate of pet-car providers, pet health and wellness and outdoor pet friendliness to rank cities.

6. Third Best City for Millennial’s to Relocate

Potential homeowners aged 23 to 38 would enjoy relocating to Raleigh NC according to a study by Commercial Café. The study focused on migration trends, employment rates, affordability, educational levels, and commuter times. According to the survey the millennial population has increased 13 percent since 2014.  

7. Best Big City to Live

In 2019, Wallethub ranked Raleigh NC as the 11th Best City to Live. Using housing data, amenities, education and health care and other factors. Raleigh scored high in amenities with many sporting events, outdoor activities.

8. Fourth Fastest City for Internet Speeds

In 2018, Tech Wire ranked Raleigh NC as 4th fastest city in the country for internet speeds. Google Fiber growing in Raleigh and Charlotte and fixed broadband speeds increasing have helped many businesses and individuals who work from home or love playing video games access the internet quicker.

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