Home Selling

Below are details of the Raleigh Real Estate Market for the month of April. As you can see, the biggest issue is a LACK OF INVENTORY and COMPETITION which is driving home values up. In April 2021, the supply of Raleigh Homes for Sale is less than half a month. In 2021, the supply of […]

Michele Langley | Jun 9, 2021

Instant Home Offers

Are you thinking of selling your home and want to explore as many options as possible? MLTeam at Fathom is proud to announce we have now have a technology platform that allows you to discover all your selling options. Our technology allows our agents to walk you through all your selling opportunities, including getting multiple […]

Michele Langley | Mar 2, 2021

COVID-19 and Real Estate

Home Buying & Home Selling During COVID-19 The Real Estate community and homeowners have many questions about home buying and home selling during COVID-19 or Coronavirus. We wanted to take a moment to share practices on Home buying and selling during the Coronavirus Pandemic. What we can and cannot do to help you with your […]

Michele Langley | Mar 27, 2020

Handwashing Tips

Corona Virus Handwashing Tips We hope everyone is taking extra precautions to stay safe during this difficult time. As the media mentions, washing your hands frequently is vital to staying healthy.

Michele Langley | Mar 16, 2020